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Jo Picken;
The Holistic Business Coach
"My Vision"

My vision is to empower Holistic Practitioners, Wellbeing and Spiritual Business Owners like YOU to cultivate the thriving business and dynamic social media presence you have always envisioned.


With Jo Picken, you can create a business rooted in your soul, fuelled by your passion, and established on solid foundations that accommodate your family and other commitments.

Together, Jo will help you overcome your fears;

  • Say goodbye to the fear of being seen and standing out on social media.

  • Put an end to the dread of grappling with technology.

  • Eliminate your fear of sales processes.

  • And finally, conquer the imposter syndrome!


Jo's practitioner support, business coaching and social media training are underpinned by top-notch training, supervision and mentoring. Jo has honed these offerings over years of business coaching, classroom teaching, drawing from a wealth of media and business qualifications and experience.

What sets Jo Picken apart is her distinctive blend of passion, enthusiasm and unwavering cheerleading, all fuelled by her unwavering determination to see YOU succeed!


So, join us other amazing holistic, spiritual and complementary practitioners and let's embark on a journey towards achieving your dreams together.


Are you looking for support in promoting mental health and wellbeing in education?

Look no further!


Jo is proud to introduce Edu Calm Ltd, the latest venture from Rachel Stacey McKay and Jo Picken.

With their expertise as qualified school teachers and mental health professionals, they offer a comprehensive range of resources & services aimed at supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children, families and school staff.


Visit Edu Calm Ltd today!

Meet Jo Picken, The Holistic Business Coach

Jo Picken Headshot.heic

Jo Picken


in Media Production & Journalism

The Holistic Business Coach

EFT Master Trainer of Trainers & Supervisor with the

EFT & Mindfulness Centre

Usui & Angelic Reiki Master Trainer

NLP Practitioner & Coach, Timeline Therapist ™, Hypnotherapist

Qualified Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Coach

Based in the UK

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