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Be Amazing EFT Business Club
Accelerator Level

Be Amazing EFT Business Club Accelerator Level is here to support you in taking your EFT business to the next level!

 What is in the Be Amazing EFT Business Club Accelerator Level?

You get EVERYTHING in the Starter Level and SOOOOO much more!

Such as;

  • Monthly Group Supervision hosted by a qualified EFT Supervisor

  • Monthly Swap Group

  • Weekly Business & Social Media Confidence Clinic

  • Pre Recorded Business Training 

  • Monthly Downloadable Tapping Journal

  • Goal Setting & Accountability

  • Access to brand-able & essential EFT practitioner paperwork & resources

AND you will gain access to and get support with;

  • An extra Business Clinic every week 

  • Delivering EFT Packages to a range of clients

  • Development of a Freebie

  • Building an Email List

  • Creation of Free Challenges to grow your group 

  • Develop Downloadable Packages / Courses

  • Monthly (video recorded) FB Page / Group / Insta / TikTok / Youtube / LinkedIn or Website Review 

£149.00 PER MONTH


What current Members are saying about the

EFT Business Club ...

Rachel, Wiltshire

"I signed up to Jo's EFT Membership as I want to move my business forward.

This weeks Social Media session was absolutely amazing. Its the best social media training I've ever been on.

Jo has a way of explaining things and not making them scary"

Shelley, Kent

"I joined Jo's EFT Membership Group in order to grow my understanding and knowledge of EFT, plus for the monthly supervision.

Jo's enthusiasm, passion, and drive for EFT is contagious."

Rica, London

"I always felt it would be nice to have regular ongoing supervision as an EFT practitioner, so when I saw Jo offer exactly that and having trained with her previously, I jumped in ... As a member I have discovered that Jo is in fact providing so much more than supervision ... Any practitioner that needs support in laying a firm business foundation and ultimately attaining their business (and other) goals"

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