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3 Ways To Look After Your MentalHealth When Working From Home

If you have decided working from home is for you ... You might have stepped out of the rat race to begin a new path, a more holistic path. You are now unable to spend time with work colleagues from day to day, you may find yourself struggling with your mental health.

Its a huge shift for it feeling uneasy is understandable, as often just seeing other people can brighten your day.

Consider these ways to look after your mental health when working from home.

1. Try to Get into a Routine It can be a challenge and isolating to work from home. Often, you may find your attention wandering, and procrastination can set in.

A routine can help you focus on your tasks. Use these strategies:

Have a space for work that is free of any distractions. - Set a routine to get up and get started, take regular breaks including lunch, and finish work at a reasonable time. - Avoid working in your pajamas. - Set clear tasks for the day and prioritize them. Do the most important tasks first. - When you finish work, clean up your workspace as you would in an office.

2. Keep In Touch With People In Our Community To avoid becoming isolated while working from home, keep in touch with others in a community of holistic therapists, both in a formal business way and in a more social one. Try to keep your work and social life separate.

When working from home, it is easy for your work and social life to merge.

3. Use Any Support Available If you are currently struggling with a physical or mental health condition, there are a lot of friendly faces around you that will help ... Reaching out is the first step! Look at the self-care techniques you have used in the past that have worked for you.

Keep these tips in mind, especially if you are struggling. They can help you remain a productive business owner!

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