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ADHD/ Autism Diagnosis in Adulthood

The last 10 years has seen a huge rise in women/adults being diagnosed with neurodivergent conditions such as autism and ADHD. This is not least because of the growing understanding of such conditions and how they work, recognising them in our children and subsequently in ourselves (after all, neurodivergence is genetic and therefore hereditary).

While a diagnosis is often a relief, there's is a lot of unpacking to do; a lot to sift through afterwards, and there's often no one available to offer post diagnosis support.

You may find yourself taking a long time to process the "new you", and feeling a big jumble of confusing emotions such as

* sadness - for your inner child

* anger - why did no one notice how hard I was struggling?

* grief - for whatever you've lost? Fake you? The mask?

* a never ending wave of depression at the realisation that it was never you, it was them

There is enough to process in there to take a lifetime but EFT is a nurturing, personal way to overcome the overwhelming feelings that come with a diagnosis later in life.

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