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Authentic Self in 2022

Do you accept yourself?

It might sound like an odd question; after all, what does it even mean to accept yourself; don’t we all accept ourselves as a regular part of living our day-to-day lives? As it turns out, self-acceptance is not an automatic or default state - many of us have trouble accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

Self-acceptance is exactly what its name suggests: the state of complete acceptance of oneself. True self-acceptance is embracing who you are, without any qualifications, conditions, or exceptions (Seltzer, 2008). It is acknowledging who you are, despite what you may like or dislike about yourself and without the view of it they clouding our sense of self.

Living authentically as ourselves is harder work than it may seem at first thought, but it can be achieved. It’s not easy to accept the things that we desperately want to change about ourselves; however—counterintuitively—it is only by truly accepting ourselves that we can even begin the process of meaningful self-improvement. In other words, we must first acknowledge that we have undesirable traits and habits before we start off on our journey to improvement.

After a life changing couple of years, I have really begun to understand the quote "life is short"! Loss, grief and chronic illness has made life hard and forced me to reassess how I live!

The realisation, that I can be anything I want to be, came when at a really low point - I purchased a leather biker style jacket (I had one as a teenager) and it unlocked something in my brain that meant I reconnected with that teenage me.

Since that day, I have been working on me and Authentic Self course was born ... There is still time to join this empowering 6 month programme.

This is a powerful course which contains all that you need to lead you step-by-step on a journey to true, freeing authenticity.

A journey of reflection, clarification, courage, self-acceptance, and love.

A journey to the TRUE you.

Are you ready to become the real YOU?

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