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Building Self-Esteem in your Teens

The Teenage years are full of change. A teen’s brain experiences a reorganization that can leave both them and their parents feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and confused.

Firstly, it’s important for us to recognise where we sit as parents with our own mindset. When we are in a position to help our teenagers with their self-esteem at a difficult time in their lives, then we can approach mindset. Praising them for things that they have no ability to change – for example, how talented, clever or gifted they are at something – will see them flounder when they have difficulties achieving their goals.

Praising for effort, progress, learning from their mistakes, and so on – this will have them looking to achieve these things, rather than repeating what they can already do with ease. Remember that ‘yet’ is a great word: ‘you can’t do it yet’ for example.

There are so many anxieties and obstacles as a teenager, moving from childhood into adulthood, but if you’re thinking about these things for your children you’re definitely on the right track – just bear in mind how much EFT can do for a teen.

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