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EFT & Family Dynamics

Family dynamics - we know what it means, but what does it mean to you? Whatever your answer, it's likely to be completely different to anyone else who answers the same question, and that's by default - its definition dictates it because every relationship is as individual (or moreso) as the people in it.

Relationships with parents, children, siblings, and other family members go through transitions as they move along the life cycle. Resilient families realign their relationships to respond to the changing demands and stressors within the family system. Those who are unable, find themselves in repetitive patterns marked by conflict and distress, often resulting in their need to seek treatment of some kind - and that's where EFT comes in.

The principle goal of EFT in this circumstance is to re-establish more secure family patterns where attachment and caregiving responses are effective and emotional bonds are repaired, ultimately to provide flexibility and closeness, which is necessary for families to promote individual growth and meaningful relationships across generations.

Jo has worked with many families, with a spectrum of issues. At the core they all struggle to see past fear, angry, hurt and upset. Using EFT, Jo, helps to build bridges and mend emotional upset within the family unit, opening and holding the space for positive communication, empathy and understanding.

Giving young people in your family a space to off load their worries and insecurities is invaluable. Just 30 mins a week with an experienced therapist can support the changing dynamics in your family unit, especially for children going through periods of transition; such as moving schools or changes in family living arrangements and times of high stress during exam season or when peer relationships break down.

So what does your family dynamics look like? Do you sometimes feel as if there is room for improvement either within your household or between different groups within your larger family? If deescalating family distress and restructuring family interactions interests you, then please do get in touch for a free consultation to discuss how EFT and working with Jo can help you and your family.

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