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Mind Mapping

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Map and has long been regarded as the founder and forerunner in promoting the mental literacy in his life-time around the world. In 1974, he appeared on an episode of the BBC’s TV Series Use Your Head to present a new type of diagram: a colorful tree-like structure, with words spreading out radially from the central idea, and learning and creativity using this technique changed forever.

A Mind Map is a visual representation of how the brain sorts out information. In the centre of the Mind Map you have a keyword or an image. Radiating from that centre are more keywords and images associated and link in a similar way the brain makes its own links and associations. From those keywords and images, more layers can be added and it can keep going without any end or until the desired result is achieved. Mind maps involve a unique combination of imagery, color and visual-spatial arrangement which is proven to significantly improve recall when compared to conventional methods of note-taking.

Benefits Of Mind Mapping

  • Versatility - you can Mind Map for anything - everything from brainstorming to writing and project management.

  • Efficiency - it often takes a fraction of the time to do when compared to other tasks performed to achieve the same desired results.

  • Brain Engagement - it engages much more of the brain in a more natural manner.

  • Creativity - it stimulates and encourages creativity.

  • Confidence - it increases levels of self-confidence because it unlocks potential that might be suppressed or not encouraged by other methods.

  • Organization - it might not look as organised as bullet points or numbered data, but it is a more intuitive way of expanding information.

  • Details - it will often bring to the surface details that you might not have been aware of before.

  • Fun - it is a lot more fun than other methods used for information organizing or presentation.

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