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Open Your Mind - The Possibilities are Endless

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

We use less than 5% of our brain’s power for conscious thinking. Your imagination, logic, critical thinking – in fact, anything that you ‘know’ – is your conscious thinking. The rest of the brain – the subconscious – controls automatic functions such as regulating your body temperature, heartbeat, hormones, etc. The subconscious mind is also the source of your deeper self - your loves, fears beliefs, and so on. We all want to feel better, perform better, and gain a satisfying sense of control over our lives, but for so many of us the challenges of our lives can seem never-ending – even the hardest working, self-aware, proactive, and productive person can find themselves in a funk and wonder where they took the wrong path in their life.

But what if it was your mind were doing this to you – and not the outside influences in your life?

What if you could open your mind to the belief that you are capable of what you want to achieve?

That your mind holds the key to all those possibilities available to you that you just don’t seem to be able to reach?

Working with Jo Picken, the Holistic Business Coach can open up endless possibilities ... You have an innate super power with in you and by tuning into what that it and harnessing it you could be AWESOME!!!

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