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School & Academics - Being Good Enough (hint: you are)

Its exam time again ... Mocks! The exams which you practice for the "proper exams" in the summer term. Somehow Mocks are just as terrifying as the real thing!

When faced with new or challenging situations, it's natural to feel doubtful.

Self-doubt is defined as a feeling of insecurity about one or more parts of one's personality, which can heavily affect how you feel about your academic level, or achievements, at school. It's something that we'll all go through at some point in our lives, and at a normal level that’s ok, but when self-doubt becomes consuming, we may require additional strategies to overcome it.

Having faith in yourself ability is what gives you the strength and confidence to step outside of your comfort zone, attempt new things, and take chances. It's also a critical mindset that distinguishes extremely successful people from the rest of the pack. When you have a high degree of self-trust, you can stop doubting yourself – it’s not all about grades.

There are many factors that contribute to feeling that we’re not good enough; past experience & mistakes, upbringing, comparing ourselves to others, fear of failure – or success – and more. And this is why EFT is so successful when you’re telling yourself you’re not good enough at school – because we tap on those underlying causes of that thought.

Try gently tapping on the tapping points and repeating these words (tapping points in image below);

Even though I worry about not passing my exams, I deeply and completely love and respect myself

Even though I dont always get the grades I need, I deeply and comepltly love and accept myself

Even though I feel like Ive let myself and my family down, I love and accept myself anyway

I am enough

I believe in myself

I can do this

I am able to achieve what I set my mind to

I am ____ insert your own name ____ and I am AMAZING!

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