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Are you ready to take your business and social media to the next level? Look no further than ULTIMATE 2023 - the comprehensive coaching program that will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

ULTIMATE 2023 is a year long programme and access to everything I do on 2023!

Scroll to see both options of ULTIMATE 2023;


ULTIMATE 2023 is Access Everything …

Access to everything I offer - High touch & Intense! Let me break it down for you;

Over 50 hours one to one time with Jo Picken; The Holistic Business Coach (only on ULTIMATE 2023 Full)

- 24 One to One 60min Business & Social Media Coaching Sessions
- 12 EFT Tapping / Personal Coaching Sessions

Unlimited access to both memberships (available on ULTIMATE 2023 Full & Lite)

- 12 month access to Holistic Business Membership (includes the flagship 7 Steps to Holistic Business Success)

- 12 month access to Shine on Social Media

Ticket to attend one of each training course (dates to be confirmed) This is appropriate for non EFTers and for EFT Practitioners who would be resitting the course(s). (available on ULTIMATE 2023 Full & Lite)

- EFT Level 1

- EFT Level 2

- EFT Level 3

- EFT Master Trainer

- EFT Coach

- EFT with Children

- EFT with Teens

Access to both self development programmes, created by Jo Picken (available on ULTIMATE 2023 Full & Lite)

- Authentic Self

- Self Belief Bootcamp

BONUS ... (available on ULTIMATE 2023 Full & Lite)

- Working hours Whats App Access to troubleshoot issues throughout the year

- 12 Oracle Card Readings for the month ahead

Are you ready for an ULTIMATE 2023?

Jo Picken will work with you to assess your current situation, set goals, keep you accountable and develop a customised strategy to help you achieve success.

As an accredited EFT Master Trainer of Trainers, Jo Picken will guide you through this powerful technique to help you release limiting beliefs and overcome emotional blocks, so you can reach your full potential.

Train you in a new modality, Emotional Freedom Techniques - to Master Trainer level, for those already qualified in EFT it will be an amazing opportunity to revisit your learning and level up your skills!

Don't wait any longer to take your business and social media to the next level. Sign up for ULTIMATE 2023 today and start seeing real results!
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Ways to Pay ... You Decide

There is four ways to pay for


- £5000 pay in full

- £425 per month for 12 months

- £225 per month for 24 months

- £185 per month for 30 months

There are three ways to pay for


- £2500 pay in full


- £225 per month for 12 months

- £160 per month for 18 months


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