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Tired of pretending to be someone else?

Are you ready to live an amazing, free, joy filled, powerful life of
full authenticity?

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Who do you want to be?

Isn’t it time to stop being dominated by what other people think? To live YOUR life? To be your true, authentic self? To create a life that makes you happy, and not someone else?


Truly joyful, happy people are those who live wholehearted, authentic lives. They don’t wear masks, don’t pretend to be someone else, don’t let the opinions of others command them. They are FREE to be the person they were made to be. Free to live an authentic life. Free to love themselves for who they are. 

And yet so often, we feel driven and ruled by what OTHER people want. We want to be authentic ... BUT WE DON’T KNOW HOW.


Brene Brown says, “Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”


Don’t you want that?  Imagine what life could be like if you did make the changes ...




The key to it is below;

  The step-by-step process for letting go of what  

  others think and living as the REAL you!  

This powerful course contains all that you need to lead you step-by-step on a journey to true, freeing authenticity. A journey of reflection, clarification, courage, self-acceptance, and love. 


A journey to the TRUE you. 


In the life-changing course, you’ll learn:


●      How to shed the harmful expectations of others!


●      How to discover who YOU truly are and NOT who others want you to be!


●      How to UNLOCK your true passions!


●      How to build UNSHAKABLE self-esteem, that no one else can tear down!


●      How to let go of mistakes and learn to ACCEPT yourself and finally move on!


●      How to EMBRACE your individuality!


●      How to LOVE yourself including all your strengths and weaknesses!


●      How to FIND your life purpose, your SUPERPOWER, and stop wandering from thing to thing


●      How to show the world the REAL you without fear of what they’ll think


●      How to shape and create the JOYFUL life you’ve always wanted by living authentically

●      And so much more!

This powerful journey
could change your life!

Image by Aditya Saxena

In 20 years, you could look back on THIS as the time when you discovered true authenticity.  When you were set free.

When you stopped being what OTHERS wanted and became the person you were DESTINED to be. 

This is your moment.  Your fork in the road.  Your door to freedom. 

The key to the cage has been given to you. You can either open the cage or throw it away. 

It’s your choice. Will you be your authentic self or continue living as you have been?

You could try to learn all this on your own, but it would require hours of reading and research, without expert guidance and support.


Or you could be taken by the hand and guided on this life changing journey. 

Which will it be?

Muddy Beach

There are 6 modules:

#1 - Knowing and Understanding Yourself

#2 - Giving Your Self - Concept A Makeover

#3 - Learning to Accept Yourself For Who You Are

#4 - Learning to Love Yourself

#5 - Determining Your Life Purpose

#6 - Living Authentically

Authentic Self 2022 starts 1st February and

runs for 6 months!

The best bit is ... You can join at anytime! 


Normally, live in-person workshops with Jo Picken cost £400 for a 3 days! But today, you are going to get access to this entire life-changing program for as little as £125.00

You will get the entire Authentic Self 2022 membership;


●      6 learning modules to lead you on the journey of authenticity (£600 value)


●      6 reflections to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned (£100 value)

●      Lots of resources to empower you to remember the key points (£100 value)

●      Monthly live energetic clearing to supersize your transformation (£600)

●      Priority support via Voxer


●      A thorough understanding of who YOU truly are (PRICELESS)


Hello New Me!

  Finally, you’re going to...  

  Create the authentic life you KNOW you were meant to live!  

  Become a more authentic friend, child, parent, sibling, business owner or co-worker  

  FINALLY stop beating yourself up over past mistakes?  


  Learn to start LOVING who you are and stop being dragged down by what others think of you!  

  STOP pretending to be something you are not and be the REAL you  

  Isn’t it time to embrace the life you deserve?  

  To become the authentic you? 

  The choice is yours!   

Sign Up & Payment Options 

6 x monthly payments of £25 

1 x payment of £125  (1 month free) 

1 x payments of £300
In addition to all of the Authentic Self 2022 Membership,
you will also 
receive a monthly 1:1 energy clearing with Jo Picken, 60mins via Zoom

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Meet Jo, the founder of Authentic Self 2022


Jo Picken

Hi, Im Jo - Wife and Mum of one, moon gazing, seaside dwelling, therapist and business coach for holistic & spiritual business owners! 


My passion in life is to see people shine and achieve their goals, genuinely - I love it - its my big WHY and drives me to be better everyday!

Personally, I've had a rough few years, much loss and subsequent grief has made me reassess my life in all aspects. I was compelled to reconnect with the real me, the optimistic me, the me that lived without fear of judgement and find ways of being joyful in my own skin. 


Now, exactly a year on since that lightbulb moment, I am living a more authentic life, one with firm boundaries and be able to do things that make me feel AMAZING!

Authentic Self was born from this new sense of self and self respect!



Are there requirements or prerequisites for this membership?


There are NO prerequisites for this membership. It’s open to anyone who wants to increase their satisfaction in life by learning to be authentic.


Your success in this course depends on your willingness to commit to yourself and take action, take the time to do the suggested self-reflections and exercises. 

What benefits will I receive from this membership?

You’ll find out what it is to live authentically.

You’ll discover a lot about yourself and how you got that way.

You’ll learn how to accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are.

You’ll understand your own value and what you have to offer the world.

You’ll boost your self-confidence.

You’ll develop the courage to be yourself around others.

You’ll discover your passions and how to enjoy them in your daily life.

You’ll see how you can structure your life around what matters most to you.

By living authentically, you can simplify your life, reduce stress, strengthen your relationships, build a more satisfying career,

and increase your happiness and fulfillment in life.


"Thank you Jo ... for all your inspiration, encouragement and support" 

AH, Midlands. UK

"I highly recommend you book with Jo, you will not be disappointed"

RSM, Wiltshire. UK

"What a lovely vibe ... other groups have not made me feel as valued and supported as you [Jo] have"

LI, West Midlands. UK

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